Business English: report writing and grammar essentials

Oars Across the Waters Pty Ltd

Event outline

An active and engaging program of:

Introduction to creating a logical, well constructed document tailored to your audience

Grammar update with particular emphasis on:

  • Verb and subject agreement
  • Choosing the correct tense
  • Use of prepositions
  • Use of participles
  • Use of definite and indefinite articles
  • Sentence and paragraph construction using ‘Plain English’
  • Writing for your audience/s, contexts and political imperatives
  • Practical use of internal style guides for writing practice and editing
  • Pre-planning: logical thought that supports well expressed business English
  • Planning the structure of a document to ensure a well reasoned piece of writing with correct and concise information flow, critical content included, and expressed in your organisation’s desired style
  • Editing tips

Whilst being highly knowledgeable in their field, many public officers feel unsure when asked to write a report in a public administration context. This program covers all the basics of report writing. Participants will have the opportunity to write utilising published reports, internal style guides and peer support, to raise levels of confidence in report writing. It is an active and engaging program.

Additional support can be provided to participants by offering one on one follow up English coaching, as an optional service, at a discounted hourly rate.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

A specialist public administration provider: facilitators hold at least a four year degree with high level behavioural understandings and a wide portfolio of issues resolution/training strategies for Management and Working in Organisations programs.