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FOI Coordinators Workshop

Office of the Information Commissioner

Event outline

The Information Commissioner is pleased to present free FOI Coordinator Workshops for officers of State and local government.

Agencies must ensure that all relevant staff are sufficiently aware of their responsibilities under the FOI Act so that the process for dealing with an application is correctly followed; and members of the public should be apprised of their rights and the process for applying for documents.

The Workshop introduces participants to the objects and the principles of the FOI Act and the major features of the legislation.  Participants will: gain an understanding of the principles and application of the FOI Act; become familiar with the procedures for dealing with applications; and understand the more common exemption provisions.

Legal practitioners may claim CPD points for attendance at FOI training provided by this office.

Target Audience

This introductory course is specifically designed for employees dealing with FOI applications.

Coverage includes

Introduction to the FOI Act; the role of decision-makers; FOI applications; exemptions; consultation with third parties; charges; notices of decision and review; amendment of records; publication of information; statistics and reporting.


Participants will be able to explain the intent of the FOI Act, apply the principles, and assist applicants gain access to documents, where appropriate.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

The Information Commissioner is an independent officer accountable to Parliament. She deals with applications for external review about agencies FOI decisions and ensures that agencies and the public are aware of their FOI rights & responsibilities.