Active Listening Training

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Event outline

As with all things in this world, there is more to a conversation than one can possibly know. What is being spoken accounts for only a small part of what is actually being communicated to the listener. A customer may say “uh-huh” as they listen to you, but if you can see them stomping their feet or playing with their hands, that might be a sign that they’re not paying attention, or that they want you to stop. Being able to detect these and other signs are crucial in order to truly secure your desired outcome. For this, you will need knowledge in critical thinking, adaptability, body language, self-motivation and more, and we will be more than happy to help light the way to further understanding.

This session is designed to help participants learn the following:

  • Think Right
  • Adapt to Every Situation
  • Self-motivation & Concentration
  • Gain Additional Data With Gestures

Active Listening Training Course Summary

Active listening is a crucial skill that all should aspire to learn, as it isn’t simply a matter of leisure or just discovering new things: it has profound consequences and implications on your quality of work and how well you’re seen as a representation of your company’s brand. More than that, it can even help your team become better individuals just by learning the virtues brought about by listening. If you’re seeking to expand your team’s skills and mould their character more, you can pluck out training courses from our vast library. for us or the training course you wish to take.

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