Advanced Interpersonal Skills: Communication Training

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Event outline

This Advanced Interpersonal Skills Session is designed to help your team members, management and all staff communicate effectively with respect, build rapport, interact professionally and restrain their emotions for improved business relations.

This session will help you to instruct your staff on:

  • How to control your emotion
  • How to use questioning techniques
  • How to build rapport by mirroring
  • Body Language signals: How to read effectively and use
  • How respect is revealed within Your Company
  • Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Behavioural Tools and Techniques
  • Social Categories and Personalities

Advanced Interpersonal Skills Training Summary

Advanced Interpersonal Communications are a requirement today to work closely as teams and with other people. This session is designed to thoroughly address any areas of concern and help people increase their awareness of their interpersonal skills, including any accidental communications they could be making. This session provides a greater comprehension of non-spoken communication, and allows a much improved level of interpersonal communications to be implemented in the business, improving direction to employees and interdepartmental relationships, which also contributes to greater productivity, happier staff, and a much higher standard of customer service provision.

Dates & registration

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