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Have you ever wondered what it's like to actually see through people's actions? What are they thinking about at this time? What food do they want to eat right now? Well, certainly the latter can be far too difficult to answer, but the former two questions are actually some of the most common questions that arise in any social context, because we love understanding others as much as we love acting in certain ways.

While we can definitely rule out being able to actually hear people speak inside their minds, we can however see some of the immediate signs, which is to say body language. The consequences of such a fact cannot be understated: we can see whether this person is being genuine to us, whether or not they can be trusted, but more importantly, we could place constraints on one another based on body language, ensuring that we don't offend one another's sensibilities whenever we talk to one another.

Body language signs can vary between the typical gesture, the subtle twitches of the face, and even the normal shrugs of the body; all of which help us gain insight on how we ought to act towards one another and help create a conducive environment for communication and business. 

This session will help our coaches teach employees:

  • Recognizing Cultural Body Language
  • Using Questions & VAS (Visual Accessing Signals)
  • Watching the feet for direction
  • Mirroring behavior to speak your customers language
  • Extroverts VS Introverted Body Language
  • Plus a whole lot more

Body Language Training Summary

It is something to flourish in life with your own will, but you cannot deny the importance of having the ability to communicate with other people. It's on the basis of effective communication that you can find that dream job, that you can negotiate your way to a better tomorrow. It may also mean the difference between having a well-organised team with particular tasks and a feeling of unity and a broken one.

But far from being just a practice that provides practical solutions in the business world, knowing about others can also give insights about yourself. You may, after all, unconsciously reflect how other people behave in certain situations, and by learning about them, you will find ways to figure out how to become a better person for yourself and for others. The need to know yourself is as important as learning other things and people. After all, as Socrates said, "the un-examined life isn't worth living."

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