Budgets and handling money

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Event outline

For supervisors in today's business world, it's crucial to have a working knowledge of finance. Most of us play a role in our organisation's fiscal health, whether we realise it or not. If you don't have training or a background in finances, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table. Understanding the cycle of financing can allow you to find out where you fit into your company's financial structure, and the best way to maintain your department out of the red. This session will familiarise you with the key concepts of finance and accounting and help you prepare budgets with more confidence.

This Budgets and Managing Money training session will help you instruct employees:

  • The basics of finance and accounting
  • The Way to identify their role in finances
  • How to look at financial reports, including a profit and loss statement, an income statement, and a financial statement
  • Strategies to track business expenses
  • How to develop a Great budget
  • Things to Consider when deciding what accounting method to use
  • Simple ways to manage money to generate a gain
  • Tactics to compare investment opportunities
  • What to do when financing affect people
  • About the ISO 9001:2000 series
  • Decision-making skills

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