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Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

Just what is Business Etiquette? Business Etiquette: Gaining that extra edge is definitely a required attribute for good business. Display the basics and not so basics of business etiquette and have your business stand out. Increase morale and professionalism with business etiquette that many don't deliver. For those who have a team that need learning some of these, this session can be custom designed to suit and bring out the very best in your staff. 

This Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge training session will help you teach employees:

  • The Elements of a Good Handshake
  • How to Manage Business Cards
  • Tips on Remembering Names
  • Ways to make a good first impression
  • The Fundamentals of Dining Etiquette
  • The way to Communicate Properly and Politely

Business Etiquette Training Summary

Increasing your resources in a workshop will help you become better equipped for different situations. This session is designed to give you extra tips and secrets to provide that extra level of support.

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