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Event outline

Have you always dreamed of owning a team that can provide solutions to almost everything? Do you know that there are certain types of individuals that have the ability to solve problems easily or have the correct skills doing so? Could it be just their character or is there a secret skill to this?

Our course called Business Problem Solving Training has been built to help teams in arriving at the right answers to situations and makes problem-solving an easy task. We develop a mindset that lets participants carefully visualise problems like they were barriers thus they can think deeply and clearly in solving them.

Aims in this Business Problem Solving Training:

  • Problem Solving Styles
  • The Problem Solving Model
  • Edward DeBono's 6 different ways to look at issues
  • How to think outside the box
  • Human error and connection problem solving
  • Problem Solving Toolkit
  • Becoming Resourceful

Business Problem Solving Training Summary

In a work environment, problem solving is a daily task. By gaining knowledge on the primary foundations of problem solving and by becoming more effective at work, there'll be increased motivation and productivity.

However, if your team is already armed with the ideal foundation to problem solving, this session will enhance their skills and help them become more experienced in solving problems.

Through this training program, employees will have the ability to come up with an innovative and problem solving type of mindset thus resulting to better solutions, thoughts or increased prospects. In this course, you'll receive extra abilities in problem solving and in providing assistance to your team thus resulting to an improvement in your business' performance.

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