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Event outline

Business writing covers a multitude of interactions that an organisation or company has to use in order to communicate with the word at large, as well as provide clear organisational goals, reduce risk and errors, as well as provide its employees a clear and omnipresent guide. This type of communication is considered universal and exists in virtually any business type from large multinational conglomerates to small time businesses that you may see in and around your county, town, or city.

While at first Business writing may not seem to be that difficult, like the lines and dialogue you should expect to come from anyone in this business practice; the devil is in the details. Beyond an obvious need for proficiency with the main language of correspondence (namely English, but as stated even if it’s in another language the principles will stay the same), there’s also a need for familiarity with terms, phrases, and jargon typically found in the business environment (subject to further specialisation on account of the idiosyncrasies of each business), and the technical knowledge needed to facilitate communication through different media, among other needs.

Paramount Training and Development is no stranger to this line of communication, is aware of most of the rules and guidelines to provide potential learners all the proficiencies they need in order to facilitate this type of communication. If learners wish to commit to learning the basics and not so basics of this program, this Business Writing course is now available to meet their needs.

At the end of the course, learners are expected to:

  • Re-familiarise themselves with the core tenants of communication
  • Tackle the universals from Business Communication
  • Pick up proficiencies with different media
  • Become proficient with different forms of discourse
  • Insert their creativity with their work
  • Become proficient with the types of Business Writing

Summary of Business Writing

The basic idea behind this course is to arm the learners with all the possible skills they may need in order to perform their task of conveying information and facilitating interactions within and without a company no matter what challenge is thrown at them. It is Paramount’s aim to ensure that learners that take up this course can thrive in virtually any environment where information and communication needs to be performed. 

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