Change Your Thinking

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Event outline

A great thinker can become a great asset to a company or organisation. Every day you encounter problems and issues which affect the performance of your job. Learning more about how to look at problems and ideas will enable you to discover new opportunities and produce solutions you may have never had thought about earlier. This Change Your Thinking Session is designed to create new ways of finding solutions and looking outside the box. We discuss the 6 different thinking hats and also how emotion can change our thinking ability.

If you want to learn new processes and systems to become a great thinker this session is for you.

Change Your Thinking Objectives

  • This session will help you teach participants:
  • Emotional States
  • The Problem Solving Model
  • Edward DeBono's 6 distinct Thinking Hats
  • Creativity and Passion Development
  • Reprogramming via Self Talk
  • NLP Techniques

Change Your Thinking Training Summary

This session will help create new minded individuals with a potent ability to learn quicker, think differently and produce improved outcomes to solve daily issues or issues. This session can be altered to suit creative thinking for meetings and teamwork brainstorming. If you want to generate high performance individuals or become better at the thinking process this session provides tools and skills to assist. Fantastic interactive session with loads of activities and practical information.

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