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Event outline

Many skills are difficult to master however delegation can be one of the hardest of them all. The skill can be taught and inside this session we look at every angle of delegating including when to delegate, and who to assign to. We explore the process with a step by step look into where some of the issues or pitfalls exist and how we could get around them. This session is intended for groups and teams to help with delegation between departments and staff members. 

This session will help you teach workers how to:

  • Clearly Identify How Delegation Fits into Their role
  • How it can make Them More Successful
  • Identify Different Ways of Delegating Tasks
  • Use an Eight-Step Procedure for Effective Delegation
  • Give Better Instructions for Better Delegation Results
  • Ask Better Questions and Listen more Effectively
  • Recognise Common Delegation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Test their Delegation Skills

Delegation Skills Training Summary

Among the most valuable skills you can master is effective delegation. It can develop employee skills whilst reducing your own workload. You can even prepare employees working with you to take care of your responsibilities for when you are unavailable. Training your team on how best to delegate can also assist in the overall performance and results as a system or procedure is created.

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