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Event outline

Email is becoming one of the significant types of communication in business today. With a large part of your day taken up responding and generating email messages, is there a faster, more effective way? This Mail Communication Session will help your staff to create clearer and more successful emails. We talk about ethics, responsibilities and writing abilities to make high performing mails. 

This session will help train your employees:

  • The Way to be certain to get specific results
  • How to bullet points to bring attention to ideas
  • How to use appropriate grammar to make an Excellent email
  • Perception of your writing
  • How to deliver bad news or ask for payments more effectively
  • From start to finish: How to compose an email including subject lines
  • How to ask questions in writing
  • Effectively using different perspectives (Associating and Dissociating: We, I, Our, Your etc)
  • Attachment Etiquette (Zipping your files)Plus a whole lot more

Email Communication Training Summary

Emails have a propensity to be overlooked or wrongly written. We discuss how to draw attention to your writing, how to deliver bad news effectively as well as the correct style and format for your mails. An excellent starting point to advise your employees the procedures and the etiquette of your company emails.

This session is a fantastic session for teams who ship both external and internal email messages. Our trainer provides expert advice and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the information provided. We can incorporate any examples and templates you wish your staff to follow and inside the session, we could have the staff create effective emails from non-effective emails.

By providing this training to your group, you also are able to teach on the format, and style where you want emails created and sent. Having an uniformed process will have all the incoming emails with the right details and information styled in your business requirements. As email can represent your company, our trainer will conduct the session to suit your emailing and training requirements.

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