How to Chair a Meeting

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Event outline

Have you ever wanted to learn how to chair a meeting professionally? Would you like your staff to learn the process and gain insight into meeting management? Our trainers provide a practical and interesting training session discussing how to seat and manage a meeting in a professional way. Great for new teams or those that will need to acquire more powerful skills in this area. This "How to Chair a Meeting" session is designed teams to understand the practice of chairing a meeting and the way the formality can change based on process. 

This session will help us to teach participants:

  • Communication within meetings
  • Understand the value of meetings as a management tool
  • Recognise the critical planning step that makes meeting time more effective
  • What does being a Chairperson require?Identify process tools that can help create an open and safe forum for dialogue
  • Chairing Difficulties and Solutions
  • Develop and Practice Techniques for Managing Counterproductive Behaviour

Chairing A Meeting Training Overview

Meetings will need to be full of meaning. Many meetings aren't conducted effectively and unfortunately do not allow all ideas to be transferred on account of the process. We discuss how to handle these areas of concern and develop basic meeting skills.

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