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Event outline

Do you need to gain some extra skills for the interview room? Are you the one that holds interviews with individuals within your role? Perhaps you've got a team that frequently require to interview customers, or other members of your office? If your role requires you to interview individuals, then this session is for you. We discuss how to supply a professional interview from start to finish including how to read body language of the interviewees. 

This session will help workers learn:

  • How to use Questioning Techniques
  • Using Probing Techniques to Receive more Information
  • Communicating more Effectively and Reading Effect
  • Reading Body Language including Lying Signals
  • How to Establish a Comfortable and Effective Interview Room
  • Building Rapport with the Interviewee
  • The Way to End an Interview and Handling Difficult Questions
  • Profiling Tools to Help work out the 4 Main Personality Types
  • How to Make the Interviewee at Ease
  • Improving Information Gathering Techniques with Interrogative Skills

Interview Skills Training Summary

This training session is terrific for those teams of employees that are in a meeting or interrogative role. Insurance, human resource or managerial positions will benefit from this class and will enhance the ability to read people, ask certain questions and receive certain responses. This Interviewing Skills Training Session is to assist groups which are involved with interviewing, interrogation or human resources. This session is intended to assist with questioning techniques, reading body language, probing and professional interviewing techniques.

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