Inventory Management

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Event outline

Many roles within the office require employees to work with Inventory. This Inventory Management Training is great for those who require help with inventory management in their enterprise. In the session we cover a selection of different areas including organisational skills, understanding systems and managing the process.

By the end of the training, employees will be able to:

  • Understand Terms Which Are Frequently used in Warehouse Management
  • Identify the Goals and Objectives of Inventory Management, and Quantify their Process against These Goals
  • Calculate Safety stock, Reorder Points, and Order Quantities
  • Evaluate Inventory Management systems
  • Identify the Parts of The Inventory Cycle
  • Better Keep Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Management Training Summary

Does your company deal with Inventory? Do you want to have your workers managing and working with the inventory in a more effective way? This session is designed to give a complete overview of inventory management and how employees can become more efficient in the process.

Effective inventory management can become at times a daunting task that tends to be left till last by management. Our training is designed to break down inventory management into a nutshell and provide participants with the skills and methods to facilitate the implementation of inventory management to make well-organised and efficient warehouse procedures for controlling inventory levels.

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