Leadership Development Training

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Event outline

Leadership is a skill that can be taught. Gaining an advantage by having a successful leader can help your organisation or company thrive. Where do you begin? How do you raise your skill set if you are already in the position of Management? This Direction & Management Session is designed to help employees and teams recognise their role as managers, supervisors or leaders within the workplace.

This session can help us educate your workers:

  • Understand the Qualities of a Leader
  • Communicate as a Leader or Manager (efficiently and ethically)
  • Planning vs Action
  • How to Motivate staff
  • How to Deal with Issues Involving Employees
  • Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive Behaviour

Leadership & Management Training Summary

Employees are the backbone to any organisation or business. Great management or leadership of these employees is also essential to the success of your team. Managers and Leaders are often unequipped or untrained to deal with the high finish of leadership. With more knowledge and skills your staff can be equipped to deal with situations stress free and effectively.

Dates & registration

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