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Event outline

Managing people effectively and efficiently can often be a very demanding task. As a result of various backgrounds, ideologies, and personalities of the people inside an organisation, managers frequently have to correct managing styles to better suit the business without compromising the quality and standards set by the company. This can often feel like a challenging juggling act especially without the appropriate tools. This Managing for Results training session is specially designed to teach managers how to increase the potential and the effectiveness of individual employees, in addition to teams, through results oriented management methods. This training session will be invaluable of you want to improve relationship systems, boost performance and motivation levels, and tech your workers to become self-motivated and goal-driven.

This session will help us teach your employees:

  • Understand How to Be Particular to get Certain Results
  • Motivating Employees to Improve Performance
  • System Performance: How to Boost Systems and strategy
  • Relationship & Communication Improvement
  • Performance Techniques: Managerial Just
  • Develop and Practice Techniques for Handling Counterproductive behaviour

Managing for Results Training Summary

Having empowered managers that have the correct skills, knowledge, and techniques can make all the difference when it comes to handling an organisation effectively and efficiently. Through this training session, you will have the ability to instil in your supervisors the importance of being specific and establishing specific goals and targets for your employees to hit. This will allow for concentrated efforts in your organisation which will translate into a boost in efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will also learn the techniques which can be applied to increase the level of motivation within a company. This will lead to employees being able to work more effectively and efficiently with much less supervision. We will teach your managers to trust individuals allowing them to stop the often unproductive habit of micromanagement. This will result in individuals within the company that are permitted to make the right decisions when called upon without always having to rely on higher management.

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