Minute-Taking Training

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Event outline

Are you required to take minutes for a meeting? Do you want your team to find out more about Minute Taking? This training session is great for people who need those extra skills demanded by minute takers. Important ways to increase note taking and efficiently maintaining correct information from meetings. Learning what to record, who the decision makers are and how to effectively capture minutes are skills which this session will bring out. Give your staff with both the knowledge and the skills required to become an effective minute taker.

Specific objectives include:

  • Recognise the Importance of Minute-Taking
  • Develop key minute-taking skills, including listening skills, critical thinking, and organisation
  • Be able to remedy many of the complaints which beset minute-takers
  • Be able to write minutes that are Appropriate for formal meetings, semi-formal meetings, and action minutes
  • Be an Efficient Minute-Taker at any Sort of Meeting
  • Be able to Prepare and Maintain a Minute Book

Minute Taking Training Summary

Accurate minute taking is an important exercise for individuals who are time stricken over deadlines and meeting appointments. This program is designed to help people become more time-conscious in business meetings and speeches. You will learn how to become an efficient minute taker and be able to prepare and take quick, effective notes at presentations and meetings.

The decisions made from the meetings your organisation holds could cost your organisation. To be sure these decisions are right and your minutes are of significance, you might need training in this field. This training session is an interesting and skills based format allowing your team to gain straight away in the session. Learn how to record quality meeting minutes and understand the importance of correct minute taking.

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