Negotiation and Objection Training Course

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Event outline

Dealing, bargaining, negotiating; no matter the size of the organisation one works under it cannot be understated just how important this transaction is in the workplace. Whether representing yourself to get a raised salary, representing part of your department to get more funding for more and more complicated work, or as part of the business’s away team out negotiating transactions with potential customers or clients, or as part of a team negotiating goods or services with another business that can help or enhance the services rendered by your business, the practical application of negotiation is nearly endless.

Negotiation is indeed part and parcel of the workplace but the act of negotiating a fair deal or sometimes a deal at all is not as easy as some would think. It requires quick thinking, the ability to appraise a bargain at a glance, and a fair proficiency in language use to get one’s way or to swing a raw deal to a more favourable position. This is no easy task, and the pitfalls present are immense, deep, and far-reaching; from something as benign as getting an unfavourable deal, a complete botch, or at worst a horribly botched negotiation that paints you and whoever you represent in a negative light that muddies the waters for future talks with new partners and clients for an uncomfortably long time.

Here at Paramount Training and Development we’ve been getting requests to create a program to help budding and inexperienced negotiators with the fundamentals of doing a business transaction. Upon the consultation of industry veterans and experts in the relevant fields of study, we’ve crafted our very own Negotiation Skills Training module to assist would-be and willing learners on the intricacies of negotiation and all the related and relevant skills they need to proceed.

At the end of the sessions, learners should expect to:

  • Interpret the interests, priorities, and goals of all parties involved
  • Improve their ability to communicate with others
  • Understand key details that influence the negotiation
  • Present their offers in a timely and appropriate fashion
  • Create partners from competitors

Summary of Negotiation Skills Training

Dealing, Bargaining, Negotiating; a roundabout way of saying ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ and an exercise in getting what you want in exchange for something you have to offer. There are ways and means to get a good deal out of it or sometimes even bend a seemingly terrible one to your favor. Here at Paramount Training and Development we know the demands of the workplace and the need for individuals who can represent themselves and something greater than themselves in an adequate and reasonable fashion; to that end the Negotiation Skills Training module was created and is now on offer for any learners interested in learning its many lessons. 

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