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Negotiating For Sales Results

The art of diplomacy and negotiation is a tough one, but mastering this kind of art can help someone live through several lifetimes. Throughout history, diplomats have used it to influence the outcome of a peace treaty, retailers have used it to swing trade deals to their favor, and in your case, you have probably used it to overturn your parents' choice to ground you for 2 weeks when you were small. Kidding aside, a capable sales negotiator can turn any drawback or crudely-constructed opinion into a compromise or even better, an entire agreement. 

Who is this Sales Training session for?

This Sales Negotiation Training is especially designed for people wanting to enhance their negotiation skills and increase their sales results. Here, you will discover how to sway a customer's opinion to your own side in frantic or even casual situations. We can also alter this training session to include various training programs under your group's customised training program.

This session will help you instruct employees:

  1. The Benefits of Good Negotiation Skills: How it will improve your revenue results
  2. The Importance of Preparing for the Negotiation Process, Regardless of the Circumstances
  3. Various Negotiation Styles and their Pros and Cons
  4. Strategies for Handling Tough or Unfair Tactics
  5. The Way to Develop Alternatives and Recognize Options
  6. Standard Negotiation Basics, including BATNA, WATNA, WAP, and the ZOPA
  7. Master the Art of Negotiation

Sales Negotiation Training Summary

All negotiators do not just represent themselves, they represent an ideal and truth about any society in the world: that having the ability to drive your points home is an invaluable element of life. Through negotiation, one can influence outcomes on a global scale and open up new opportunities for innovation and growth. Likewise, knowing the key principles of negotiation and learning how to deal with separate kinds of people can mean the difference between additional profit and a catastrophic collapse. We also believe that we can have fun learning how to be the best negotiator through various interactive and challenging activities and designed to make you the best interlocutor from start to finish.

Would you prefer a session custom made or something a bit more appropriate to your needs? Contact our staff for more details.

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