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Performance review is the backbone of any thriving company as it allows for improvement. Here, employees get to know just how successful they are at work and on what areas they need to concentrate on to become professionals. Unfortunately, it can also be the most dreadful part for a few of them and, when done poorly, it might even lower their morale. As such, businesses that run these reviews are expected to place interviewees and employees at ease, making sure they're likely to find the most constructive review. This training session focuses on these aspects of the inspection process as it teaches employees how to read body language and provide critique more efficiently.

This session will help participants learn:

  • The importance of having a performance review procedure
  • How to work with employees to establish performance criteria and goals
  • Skills in giving feedback, listening, and asking questions
  • A proven interview process
  • How to make the performance review legally defensible
  • Body Language: Reading the signs
  • How to set expectations and improve future performance
  • How to work with poor performance
  • Additional modules for your custom training session

Performance Management and Appraisals Training Summary

All capable employees feel the need to hone their skills for various reasons. Whatever these motives are, the goal of each company is to make certain that they can always be at their very best. One of the greatest mechanisms for businesses to reach out to and improve employees on a personal level is through performance reviews. As such, management teams are often expected to communicate the business's aspirations to their workers and deliver quality feedback. In fact, it would be twice as useful if they could effectively align the company's goals with that of the employees. Such a connection would be as what Goethe, the famous German poet, said: "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being." Together, there aren't any problems that a successful management team and a loyal group of workers can't overcome.

Primarily dedicated to workers and management teams that conduct performance reviews, this course guarantees effectiveness in setting standards for your industry.

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