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Event outline

A person’s ability to present and engage an audience with their presented material is a key and cost-effective way of arming a large group of people with the precise skills and knowledge they need in order to perform a basic range of tasks effectively, or to inform as many people as possible of some or order important piece of information that they need to possess to function or process whatever they will be faced with in a timely manner. As stated before it’s cheap on funds, time, and resources, making it a boon for any company looking for solutions on a budget.

This does however present a few challenges for a would-be presenter as some of the very things that make the methodology so appealing are also the exact same things that give the presenter grief. How can they present dry material in such a way that people will want to listen to them while they present? How can I present these materials if my budget is limited? How am I supposed to work with my limited resources to conduct this presentation effectively? And this isn’t even counting personal factors that can and will influence the presentation such as the speakers’ ability or inability to speak to a large crowd, maintain interest using their own skills and enthusiasm, and other factors that will inevitably come into play.

Here at Paramount Training and Development we see the main clashing points between the needs of the individual would-be speaker and whichever company (big or small) is looking to use their resources with maximum efficiency. With that in mind a compromise has been brokered and a program has been made to meet both of their needs to ensure everyone walks away happy or at least satisfied. This program has been dubbed Presentation Skills Training and is now on offer for would-be presenters.

By the end of the course, learners are expected to:

  • Become proficient public speakers
  • Strategize and plan their presentations
  • Be adaptable
  • Become creative presenters
  • Display technical proficiency with their media

Summary of Presentation Skills Training

The ability to present and inform so many people is a gift and a challenge. It requires a lot of skills that need to be mastered and be proficient in. it’s a boon for business as it’s a cheap and cheerful solution to virtually any problem that they can see needs fixed on the fly, and puts the creative and productive skills of a presenter to the test. Thankfully and hopefully through Paramount’s new Presentation Skills course, future presenters will have all they need to meet these challenges.

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