Professional Supervisor Training

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Event outline

What makes a Supervisor become a Professional Supervisor? This session is design to help those seeking to take the lead. We help identify how to lead a team and communicate effectively to everyone. Professionalism and Supervisory skills could be taught and although many Supervisors may have a foundation of the skills required, there are additional skills which can create a superb performer and a professional manager.

Specific learning objectives include:

  • Clarify the Scope and Character of a Supervisory Position
  • Find out some ways to deal with the challenges of the role
  • Realize the Duties you have as a Supervisor, to Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organisation
  • Learn Key Techniques to Help you Plan and Prioritise Effectively
  • Acquire a Basic Understanding of Leadership, Team Building, Communication, and Motivation, and What Role they Perform in Successful Supervision
  • Develop Strategies for Motivating your Team, Giving Feedback, and Resolving Conflict

Professional Supervisor Training Summary

Supervising any staff large or small may be a challenging task for anyone. This 1 day class is designed to give you powerful strategies and techniques for team building and assigning abilities. A supervisor is faced with many tasks and priorities, so being able to handle them and look after workers can be a difficult endeavour. This session will teach workers how to effectively manage a workforce and complete tasks.

Dates & registration

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Provider information

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