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Telephone skills are in high demand in businesses nowadays particularly in business process outsourcing companies. Having the ideal telephone skills is important in any company that provides over the phone services, phone communication and telemarketing services. Does your company have employees who provide such services? If that's the case, then you'll find our "Telephone Skills Training" module useful.

Having difficulty talking to customers over the telephone because one is shy? It is difficult for some people to talk to people they don't know and if they are not seeing them. However, with the assistance of our training, that issue can be addressed.

This training session will teach participants how they can gain confidence while talking to others over the phone.

This session will help you teach employees:

  • How to use your voice on the phone
  • How to use questions to find information
  • Probing techniques to help with your purchase or telephone conversation
  • How to close a conversation correctly
  • Following a telephone strategy that works every time
  • Helping your clients to say YES
  • Building rapport over the telephone
  • Dealing with difficult calls
  • Words which will work wonders on the phone
  • Favourable structure and the call system to go from start to finish professionally
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Telephone Skills Training Summary
Many business owners and organisations have gained a liking on this training session. It's because, through it, telephone operators are changed into well-rounded phone agents. With the help of this training module, your team will instantly witness a wonderful improvement on your. If the phone is an essential part of your business, you must use it to teach your workers proper telephone etiquette, good vocal tonality, the best way to build rapport to your future clients.

Apart from that, this module will also provide an extensive guide and useful suggestions on how one can use their vocal tone properly. By these means, participants will be able to speak fluently and clearly while on the telephone with his clients. Additionally, we also discuss methods and strategies on possible appropriate questions participants may ask clients to make their conversations more engaging and not only sound like a pure marketing pitch. This training module will also teach participants how to search for information from customers without difficulty.

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