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About Receptionist Skills Training Sessions

The Receptionist is the first person who deals with any calls or business for your company and as such, should be provided the resources and solutions they need for them to enhance their performance as well as skills when it comes to dealing with customers both personal or over the phone. This one-day training will provide solutions and provide new techniques so you will have the ability to communicate better. Part of the training include mastering body language and emotions, perception, recollection of names and even faces, in addition to dealing with stress. Because this is a customised training format, you will also learn from the experiences of others and share solutions that will increase your skills at work.

Subjects Covered in the Receptionist Skills Training Session

The units which are covered in this training session will provide you with the skills and techniques to meet the needs of people and be able to provide exemplary professional customer service as a Receptionist.

  • Greeting/building rapport within minutes
  • The Way to screen calls correctly
  • Answering machines methods
  • Receiving and making calls
  • Professional telephone skills
  • Complaint handling/ disarming clients
  • Collecting messages correctly
  • Communicating in the workplace
  • Vocal use/word importance
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Participate in workplace safety procedures
  • Process and maintain workplace information
  • Deliver a WOW service to customers
  • Questioning techniques
  • Telephone essentials- Tips to increase performance
  • Essential reception skills
  • Body language indicates

Receptionist Skills Training Summary

The place of the Receptionist is an significant role in a business and can also be a source of anxiety at times. In this session, we will help you develop attitude, communication skills, handling of irate and complaining customers, controlling emotions, and other abilities that all receptionists must have. You'll also be given the training on how to manage difficult people, learn the art of multi-tasking efficiently, and other aspects that are essential in a Receptionist. If your company is in need of a superb secretary then this workshop or training is for you.

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