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Event outline

Workplace harassment can lead to some very serious issues for your company as well as for the employees experiencing the harassment firsthand. This is a matter that should not be taken lightly as workplace harassment may result in some severe repercussions and may ultimately render the work environment toxic. It will not be unrealistic for you to expect productivity levels to fall drastically in such an environment.

To prevent any harassment in the workplace, or to remove it where it already exists, we have developed an unique training session where we educate and assist participants with harassment in the workplace. This Workplace Harassment training session will provide business owners and employees with the essential tools to minimise and, ideally, remove any traces of harassment that goes on in the workplace.

This session will help you teach participants how to:

  • Understand what workplace violence and harassment is
  • Understand the advantages of harassment training
  • Act if they are harassed or accused of harassment
  • Understand the complaint process, from the complaint to the reply, to mediation or investigation, to a solution
  • Identify situations where mediation is appropriate, and understand how mediation works in these situations
  • Identify appropriate solutions for a harassment incident
  • Act if a complaint is false
  • Help their workplace return to normal after a harassment incident
  • Identify some warning signs of violence
  • Understand the cycle of anger
  • Use a seven-step process for handling their anger and others' anger
  • Have better communication and problem solving skills, which will reduce frustration and anger
  • Grow some other ways of handling anger, including coping thoughts and relaxation techniques
  • More modules we can include in your team coaching

Workplace Harassment Training Summary

There should be a zero tolerance when it comes to violence and harassment at work. This training session will enable participants to quickly comprehend, and act upon, a growing problem before it becomes an issue in the workplace. It will empower those being harassed to speak up and allow them to take the proper channels to take care of their problems quickly and efficiently.

For those who have a team and would like this delivered delicately we are able to help, our trainers are highly proficient in speaking on topics that need a more delicate approach without targeting people.

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