Business Succession Planning Training Course

Business Succession Planning Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

A management succession plan affects an entire organisation. Planning a succession involves preparation, weighing options, initiating and managing change, overcoming obstacles and performing a thorough analysis of your staff and their skills and experience.

The pdtraining Business Succession Planning Training Course gives you an understanding of the methods and techniques of business succession planning and skill building to implement the changes smoothly and successfully with skills like conducting a SWOT analysis, drafting a succession plan and mapping employee experience and skillsets.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the importance of succession planning
  • Understand the process of succession planning
  • Recognise the importance of mentoring as a component of your plan
  • Learn to set goals using a SWOT analysis
  • Draft a plan, assign responsibilities and establish monitoring systems
  • Understand the importance of change management
  • Learn to anticipate obstacles
  • Know how to re-evaluate goals and focus on progress
  • Recognise when success has been achieved

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning

  • What is Business Succession Planning?
  • What is Replacement Planning?
  • Differences between Succession and Replacement
  • Deciding what you need

Lesson 2
Preparing for the Planning Process

  • Should you establish a committee?
  • How to gather operational data

Lesson 3
Initiating Process

  • Develop a Mission Statement
  • Develop a Vision Statement
  • Choosing to be a mentor

Lesson 4
The SWOT Analysis

  • Identifying Strengths
  • Identifying Weaknesses
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Identifying Threats

Lesson 5
Developing the Succession Plan

  • Prioritise what the succession plan will address
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Develop a strategy for achieving goals
  • Draft the plan

Lesson 6
Executing the Plan

  • Assign responsibility and authority
  • Establish a monitoring system
  • Identifying paths
  • Choosing your final approach

Lesson 7
Gaining Support

  • Gathering data
  • Addressing concerns and issues
  • Evaluating and adapting

Lesson 8
Managing the Change

  • Developing a change management plan
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Implementing the plans
  • Providing constructive criticism
  • Encouraging growth and development

Lesson 9
Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Common obstacles
  • Re-Evaluating goals
  • Focusing on progress

Lesson 10
Reaching the End

  • How to know when you’ve achieved success
  • Transitioning
  • Wrapping it all up

Dates & registration

Wed 6 Nov 2019 Perth (Metro)

9:00 am start to 4:30 pm close
Level 1, 863 Hay Street Perth WA 6000
660+GST per person. Cost includes: Pre-course personality profiling, comprehensive course manual, a highly interactive, hands-on training course, cafe lunch, morning and afternoon tea, post-course follow-up including e-learning and skills booster emails.
Register at:

Fraser MacFarlane
1300 121 400

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