Computer Basics Expert Training Course

Computer Basics Expert Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

Being computer savvy is essential for personal and professional success, while having expert computing skills can help you quickly overcome most pc-related issues you might encounter.

The pdtraining Computer Basics Expert Training course provides you with the expert skills in computer fundamentals such as using control panel, managing applications, understanding security issues and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use Calculator, Paint, Task Manager, WordPad, Notepad
  • Resize windows, and move them
  • Uninstall an application
  • Halt a frozen program
  • Switch between windows
  • Work with a window
  • Understand general computing concepts
  • Understand how information networks operate
  • Become aware of security concerns and how to work safely
  • Effectively manage and use files and folders
  • Use the basic Windows applications, including WordPad, NotePad, Task Manager, Calculator, Paint, and Internet Explorer
  • Use the Control Panel
  • Find an installed application

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Getting Started

  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Action Plans & Evaluations

Lesson 2
Understanding Applications

  • Application Basics
  • Basic Applications
  • Working with a Window
  • Working with WordPad
  • Working with Applications

Lesson 3
Web Browsers and the Internet

  • Basics of Web Browsers
  • Browsing the Web
  • Working with Book Marks
  • Working with Web Pages
  • Printing Web Pages

Lesson 4
Wrapping Up

  • Words From the Wise

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Provider information

pd training is an Australian-owned, international training and professional development and services organisation, with approximately 400 specialist trainers across Australia, delivering thousands of courses each year in our 16 areas of specialty.