Microsoft Access 2007 Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Access 2007 Advanced Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

This advanced course in Access 2007 is designed to help you achieve a high level of expertise in using the various advanced features of the application such as working with forms, fields and records,managing multiple databases, structuring data queries and more.

The pdtraining Microsoft Access 2007 Advance Training Course covers topics such as creating charts and reports, sharing data in Excel, managing relational databases, running SQL queries and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use advanced table tasks
  • Use advanced form tasks
  • Use advanced reporting tasks
  • Understand database relationships
  • Use advanced query tasks
  • Work with SQL
  • Link data
  • Import data
  • Export data
  • Use advanced database tools

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Getting Started

  • Workshop Objectives

Lesson 2
Advanced Table Tasks

  • Using the Property Sheet
  • Adding, Moving & Removing Controls
  • Formatting Controls
  • Setting the Primary Key

Lesson 3
Advanced Form Tasks

  • Creating a Subform
  • Creating a split-form
  • Creating a Modal Dialog
  • Creating a Pivot Table

Lesson 4
Advanced Reporting Tasks

  • Using Report Sections
  • Grouping and Sorting Data
  • Adding Calculated Controls
  • Creating Labels

Lesson 5
Understanding Relationships

  • Types of Relationships
  • Viewing Relationships
  • Editing Relationships
  • About Referential Integrity
  • Establishing Referential Integrity

Lesson 6
Advanced Query Tasks

  • Sorting & Filtering a Query
  • Adding Calculated Fields
  • Using the Expression Builder
  • Using Logical Functions

Lesson 7
Working with SQL

  • What is SQL?
  • Understanding SQL Statements
  • Basic SQL Syntax
  • Uses for SQL in Access

Lesson 8
Linking Data

  • Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Linking to an Access Database
  • Linking to a Sharepoint List
  • Linking to a Text or XML File
  • Other Types of Links

Lesson 9
Importing Data

  • Importing from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Importing from an Access Database
  • Importing from a Sharepoint List
  • Importing from a Text or XML File
  • Other Types of Imports

Lesson 10
Exporting Data

  • Saving an Object as PDF
  • Exporting to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Exporting to a Word Document or Text File
  • Other Types of Exports

Lesson 11
Advanced Database Tools

  • Using the Database Documenter
  • Analysing Table Performance
  • Analysing Database Performance
  • Compact & Repair a Database

Lesson 12
Wrapping Up

  • Words From the Wise

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Provider information

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