Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

Developing advanced skills in MS Access 2010 is essential if you’re working with large sets of data. Access is a powerful tool in the right hands so take your current skills to the next level with this in-depth course.

The pdtraining MS Access 2010 Advanced Training Course provides understanding and skill development in SQL and Access, advanced macros, database management, data validation, crosstab queries, and more. This course allows participants to develop expertise in Access 2010 in a short period of time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Write SQL statements
  • Create aliases for fields
  • Attach a SQL query to a control in a form
  • View a crosstab query and use the Crosstab Query Wizard
  • Create single-criterion & multiple-criteria parameter queries
  • Use action queries to append, delete & modify records
  • Create and run macros
  • Attach macros to events and command buttons in forms
  • Create data validation, data entry, & user-input macros
  • Use the Query Wizard & Design view to create joins
  • Export & import XML documents
  • Link database objects
  • Analyse database performance
  • Split a database
  • Compact, repair & backup a database
  • Assign & remove passwords & encryption
  • Open a database in exclusive mode
  • Configure Access options
  • Populate database file properties

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Querying with SQL

  • SQL and Access
  • Writing SQL statements
  • Attaching SQL queries to controls

Lesson 2
Advanced queries

  • Creating crosstab queries
  • Creating parameter queries
  • Using action queries

Lesson 3

  • Creating, running, and modifying macros
  • Attaching macros to the events of database objects

Lesson 4
Advanced macros

  • Creating macros to provide user input
  • Creating macros that require user input
  • Creating the AutoKeys and AutoExec macros
  • Creating macros for data transfer

Lesson 5
Importing, exporting, and linking objects

  • Importing objects
  • Exporting objects
  • Working with the XML documents
  • Linking Access objects
  • Using hyperlink fields

Lesson 6
Database management

  • Optimising resources
  • Protecting databases
  • Setting options and properties

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