Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction Training Course

Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

Having the basic skills required to interact with an MS Access 2010 database is essential for many roles in today’s business world. Knowing how to use this powerful software can improve your job opportunities and income potential.

The pdtraining MS Access 2010 Introduction Training Course provides you with an understanding of the basic features of Access 2010, including database tables and joins, forms, data entry, SQL queries and generating reports. The course is designed to empower users to use Access 2010 to fulfill basic tasks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify database components
  • Start and examine Access
  • Open a database
  • Examine the database window, including using Help
  • Plan and create a database
  • Examine a table in Datasheet & Design views
  • Add a field to a table and set the primary key
  • Sort & filter records
  • Set field properties
  • Create queries using the Query Wizard & Design view
  • Sort & filter query results
  • Use comparison operators & calculations in queries
  • Create & modify forms
  • Create reports
  • Group & summarise data in a report
  • Print a report

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Getting Started

  • Database concepts
  • Exploring the Access environment
  • Getting help

Lesson 2
Databases and tables

  • Planning and designing databases
  • Exploring tables
  • Creating tables

Lesson 3
Fields and records

  • Changing the design of a table
  • Finding and editing records
  • Organising records

Lesson 4
Data entry rules

  • Setting field properties
  • Working with input masks
  • Setting validation rules

Lesson 5
Basic queries

  • Creating and using queries
  • Modifying query results and queries
  • Performing operations in queries

Lesson 6
Using forms

  • Creating forms
  • Using Design view
  • Sorting and filtering records

Lesson 7
Working with reports

  • Creating reports
  • Modifying and printing reports

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