Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

This third and final course in the Outlook 2010 series was developed to elevate your Outlook skills to an expert level.

The pdtraining Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced Training Course empowers you with a deep understanding and skills in archiving email,staying informed by subscribing to RSS feeds, staying connected to colleagues, delegating access to calendars and contacts, using mail merge to send email messages to numerous contacts at once and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Connect Outlook to a social network account
  • Connect to a colleague
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Archive messages
  • Restore archive messages
  • Create and work with notes
  • Create Journal entries manually and automatically
  • Learn to share calendars and contacts
  • Grant and remove folder sharing permissions
  • Delegate access to calendar and contacts
  • Access a SharePoint calendar in Outlook
  • Access SharePoint contacts in Outlook
  • Learn to send many messages using mail merge

Course Outline

Lesson 1

  • Introduction
  • Personal learning goals of each participant
  • Plan and structure for the day

Lesson 2

  • Connecting with colleagues via Outlook Social Connectors
  • Staying informed with RSS

Lesson 3
Mailbox management

  • Managing your mailbox
  • Archiving your mail

Lesson 4
The Notes and Journal folders

  • Recording information with Notes
  • Tracking activities with the Journal

Lesson 5
Calendars and contacts

  • Managing your calendar
  • Managing your contacts

Lesson 6
Mail merges and templates

  • Performing mail merges
  • Working with templates

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

pd training is an Australian-owned, international training and professional development and services organisation, with approximately 400 specialist trainers across Australia, delivering thousands of courses each year in our 16 areas of specialty.