Microsoft Outlook 2013 Essentials Training Course

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Essentials Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

MS Outlook 2013 provides you the ability to manage, organise and plan your communication strategy in the most efficient manner possible.

The pdtraining Microsoft Outlook 2013 Essentials Training Course provides you with the knowledge and skill building in each of the primary functions of Outlook 2013 such as email management, search, using interface functions, use of contact lists, email generation and management and more. This entry level course provides you with a solid foundation in Outlook 2013 and empowers you to use it effectively to manage your tasks and communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use backstage view
  • Send feedback
  • Understand the ribbon and the status bar
  • Use the to-do bar
  • Peek at other modes
  • Use folder pane and the message list
  • Preview messages
  • Sort, filter, and group messages
  • Work with attachments
  • Use inline replies
  • Ignore email and delete messages
  • Create and manage emails
  • Search for items
  • Use calendar and tasks
  • Create, edit and organise contacts

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Getting Started

  • Housekeeping Items
  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Workshop Objectives
  • The Parking Lot
  • Action Plan

Lesson 2
Opening and Closing Outlook

  • Opening Outlook
  • Setting up an E-mail Account
  • Understanding the Ribbon and the Status Bar
  • Using Backstage View
  • About Your Office Account
  • Closing Outlook
  • Lesson Two: Review Questions

Lesson 3
Understanding the Interface

  • About the Folders Pane
  • About the Reading Pane
  • About the To-Do Bar Pane
  • About the People Pane
  • Peeking at Other Modes
  • About the View Tab
  • Lesson Three: Review Questions

Lesson 4
Working with the Message List and the Reading Pane

  • Previewing Messages
  • About the Reading Pane
  • Opening or Saving Attachments
  • Filtering and Sorting Messages
  • Using Inline Replies
  • Lesson Four: Review Questions

Lesson 5
Using Message List Commands

  • Flagging Messages
  • Deleting Messages
  • Marking Messages as Read or Unread
  • Ignoring E-mail
  • Lesson Five: Review Questions

Lesson 6
Creating a New E-mail

  • Creating an E-mail
  • Addressing an E-mail
  • Attaching a File
  • Sending the Message
  • Lesson Six: Review Questions

Lesson 7
Managing E-mail

  • Printing a Message
  • About the Folder Pane
  • Creating Folders
  • Moving Messages to Folders
  • Renaming, Moving, and Deleting Folders
  • Working with Favorite Folders
  • Sending and Receiving Mail
  • Lesson Seven: Review Questions

Lesson 8
Searching for Items

  • Understanding Search Folders
  • Setting Up and Using Search Folders
  • Using Instant Search
  • Using Advanced Search
  • Using Contact Search
  • Lesson Eight: Review Questions

Lesson 9
An Introduction to the Calendar

  • Getting Started
  • Using the Weather Bar
  • Creating an Appointment
  • Changing Your Calendar View
  • Editing an Appointment
  • Managing Reminders
  • Lesson Nine: Review Questions

Lesson 10
An Introduction to Tasks

  • Getting Started
  • Creating a New Task
  • Editing a Task
  • Updating Task Status
  • Basic Task Views
  • Lesson Ten: Review Questions

Lesson 11
An Introduction to Contacts

  • Getting Started
  • Creating a New Contact
  • Editing a Contact
  • Organising Contacts
  • Basic Contact Views
  • Lesson Eleven: Review Questions

Lesson 12
Wrapping Up

  • Words from the Wise
  • Review of Parking Lot
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

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