Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course


Event outline

Course Overview

Have you ever found yourself rambling on and stumbling for answers? Do you sometimes have a hard time communicating your ideas to others?

The pd training Think On Your Feet® training course teaches you the "capsules-of-persuasion" concept - 10 plans that structure one's ideas to achieve a quick impact and remove any guesswork from your conversations.

This internationally acclaimed workshop teaches critical skills to help you get your ideas across clearly, concisely and persuasively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to speak with brevity, clarity & persuasively
  • Master getting to the point and being remembered
  • Learn effective fall-back techniques when caught off-guard
  • Learn to present ideas effectively
  • Handle questions quicker, more concisely & persuasively
  • Add depth to ones own messages using "visual" pegs
  • Learn to avoid common communication traps
  • Divide information into facets, aspects or perspectives
  • Learn to bridge from question to answer

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Getting to the Point & Being Remembered

  • Techniques to Package Persuasion
  • Structuring Ideas Simply and Clearly
  • Speaking in Different Situations:
    • one-on-one
    • on the phone
    • in meetings
    • informal presentations

Lesson 2
Presenting your ideas

  • Clearly
  • Concisely
  • Powerfully

Lesson 3
Using Handy Fall-Back Techniques When You’re Caught Off Guard

  • Making Sense Out of a Mass of Facts
  • Explaining Step-by-Step Processes Clearly

Lesson 4
Handling Questions Quickly, Clearly and Persuasively

  • Following the “Rule of Threes”
  • Creating Logical Pegs to Hang your Thoughts On
  • Announcing & Recapping

Lesson 5
Using “Visual” Pegs as Your Structure

  • Achieving Impact
  • Supporting Large and Complex Topics
  • Adding Depth to Your Message

Lesson 6
Avoiding Common Communication Traps

  • Keeping on Track
  • Avoiding Information Overload
  • Addressing Your Listener’s Core Concerns

Lesson 7
Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Perspectives

  • Achieving Objectivity
  • Expressing Thoughtfulness
  • Addressing Issues from Different Viewpoints

Lesson 8
Bridging from Question to Answer

  • Buying Time
  • Answering the Right Question
  • Handling Objections and Tough Questions Positively

Lesson 9
How to Broaden or Focus Your Listener’s Perspective

  • Moving from Detail to Big picture or Vice Versa
  • Handling Sensitive or Confidential Information
  • Countering Sweeping Generalisations

Lesson 10
Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground

  • Negotiating a Win-Win Outcome
  • Dealing with Conversational Topics
  • Moving to Action

Lesson 11
Selling the Benefits of Your Products, Ideas, Services

  • Presenting Benefits not Features
  • Showing Advantages to Your Listener
  • Employing the “So What” Test

Lesson 12
Fleshing Out Your Ideas

  • Using Examples to Increase Understanding and Recall
  • Developing Ideas Through the Use of Opposites
  • Explaining an Idea by Cause and Effect

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