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Microsoft Project Training (and much more besides)

Microsoft Project is an excellent project planning tool, and is commonly available within government agencies, However, it is rarely employed owing to staff not being trained in its use.

We recommend that WA State Government staff who might be expected to manage a project or program, either internal or external, are properly trained in project planning.  In this respect we are pleased to offer our two-day in-house introductory course Microsoft Project training program.  This course, which we have been providing to TAFE students, University undergraduates and post graduates, and in-house corporate arrangements since 2005, covers the following:

  • Planning, tracking and analysis of all kinds of projects.
  • Application of the Critical Path Method and use of Microsoft Project to plan, track, manage and control projects within time and cost constraints to achieve specific, defined project objectives and targets.
  • Recognition and appreciation of the fundamental relationships between time, cost and scope in all projects.
  • Identification, organisation and management of project tasks and milestones within a work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Organisation of the task sequence and the essential network of predecessor/successor task relationships
  • Identification of the critical path and critical tasks and use of this information productively for informed decision making
  • Use of consolidated project plans and resource pools to plan multiple inter-related and competing projects
  • Planning and management of pooled resources across a whole portfolio of projects in managing a divisional or corporate program.
  • Creation and definition of labour and material type resources, with costs, and assigning them to tasks.
  • Estimation of project costs, determination, projection and analysis of cash flow.
  • Design of progress claim schedules.
  • Creation and assignment of project, task and resource calendars
  • Definition of working days and working hours
  • Leveling of resources to resolve over-allocation and determination of resource requirements, and scheduling of  tasks accordingly
  • Compare actual progress with the original project plan, measure progress and performance
  • Monitor and track progress, update and re-schedule tasks and resources
  • Account for and plan for changes in circumstances and project scope, variations, extensions of time.
  • Produce a range of informative, timely reports; customise, present and communicate essential project information
  • Use a range of indicators, including earned value, to measure and control project performance

Completion of our two-day course will enable attendees to be effective users of Microsoft Project capable of producing detailed and useful project plans and project management reports.

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Our company, Perfect Project Planning (PPP), consults and trains in Project Management, specialising in scope, time, and cost management using modern planning methods, such as the Critical Path Method, and software tools, such as MS PROJECT