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Adobe Animate 2 day course

Prepress Skills Centre

Event outline

For nearly two decades, Flash Professional has been the standard for producing rich animations on the web. Because of the emergence of HTML5 and demand for animations that leverage web standards, Adobe have completely rewritten the Flash program to incorporate native HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support. As the premier animation tool for the web for many years, Flash Professional has now been renamed Adobe Animate CC.

Arguably the biggest issue for the previous Flash platform was its reliance on the Flash Player plugin that has not been supported by Apple and mobile devices. Animate CC frees the application from the Flash player by embracing web standards, opening up the whole of the web, including mobile. Adobe Animate CC has now been recognised as an HTML5 ad solution that complies with the latest Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards and is also widely used in the animation/cartoon industry.

Adobe Animate CC can output animation/interaction projects to virtually any format (including SVG), through its extensible architecture and importantly, Animate will continue to support Flash (SWF) and AIR formats.

Participants in this course will learn skills to build rich content that include images, text, animations, interaction, sound and video.

Dates & registration

Fri 19 Jun 2020 — Sat 20 Jun 2020 Perth (Metro)

8:30 am start to 4:00 pm close
Unit B1, 118 Railway Street, West Perth, WA 6005
$795 +GST
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Keith Bowley

Provider information

Delivers Adobe Software training for Govt, Mining, Corporate, Schools, Colleges and business in WA since 1995. Prepress Skills Centre Pty. Ltd. is an RTO and trades as Prepress NetMedia Training Centre.