ANZSOG Leadership Seminar Series - SES workshop with Hanzo van Beusekom

Public Sector Commission

Event outline

Risky business: can we improve the way government agencies manage their risk?

The Leadership Seminar Series (LSS) is a joint collaboration between the Public Sector Commission and the Australian and New Zealand School of Government. LSS provides a structured program of timely, relevant and influential events for public sector employees aspiring to leadership positions.

A practical, hands-on workshop from a specialist in risk management in the public sector.

Participants will leave with a better understanding of:

  • why risk management matters
  • the many different kinds of risks senior public managers deal with, from operational to reputational to fraud and corruption
  • the different kinds of coping strategies used by organisations and what works when

Hanzo van Beusekom studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam and holds a cum laude MBA degree from INSEAD, France. Hanzo started his career at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and has headed up the Financial Enterprises Division at the Dutch Financial Authority. He is now a partner in Clear Conduct, a specialized strategic consulting firm. In recent years he has been a guest lecturer at the Said Business School at Oxford University, the John. F. Kennedy School at Harvard and the Free University of Amsterdam.  He is currently a research fellow at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Who should attend:

State public sector senior executive service members (PSGOGA Level 9 and above).


To complete the online registration please follow the link on this page.

Participants are not required to attend both SES and general audience sessions. Registration for only one session is encouraged.

This is a free event for public sector employees.

Information and Enquiries:

Registration queries should be directed to PSC Events and Evaluation at development@psc.wa.gov.au or 6552 8641.

For more information about the Leadership Seminar Series, please contact Cassie Almasi, Leadership Development Consultant, at leadership@psc.wa.gov.au
or 6552 8604.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

The Public Sector Commission brings leadership and expertise to the public sector to enhance integrity, effectiveness and efficiency. Many of the Commission’s courses and events are free for Western Australian public sector employees.