Policy Practitioner Forum - Engaging with the process “working towards the ideal cabinet submission”

Public Sector Commission

Event outline

The forum will explore the Cabinet Submissions process from a policy practitioner’s perspective with an emphasis on understanding various key roles and responsibilities, defining the target audience, how to effectively consult with relevant stakeholders and interested parties and manage competing or contentious issues.   An awareness of the overall political environment, including how, when and who to address queries, issues and concerns throughout the process will also be covered.

Guest Panellists

  • Mr Robert Kennedy, Director, Office of the Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Mr Nick Hagley, Director, Cabinet Secretariat, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Ms Rebecca Neilson A/Manager, Legislation Services Corporate Services Department of Transport
  • Mr Michael Britton Principal Policy Adviser The Office of the Minister for Regional Development; Lands

Who should attend

This forum is open to all public sector employees working in the policy area who have significant knowledge and experience in the overall cabinet submissions administrative process.   The forum will be of interest to those keen to develop their policy function capabilities in ‘strategic alignment’ and ‘communication and engagement’ as identified in the Policy capability framework. 

In particular

  • understand the policy agenda from multiple perspectives and jurisdictions and apply this knowledge to inform the cabinet submission process
  • identify stakeholder issues, industry trends and the interrelatedness of other policy agendas which may influence future policy direction
  • actively consult and engage with key and relevant stakeholders to manage risks, options and outcomes
  • understand and operate within agency and whole-of-government strategic policy direction and focus
  • appropriate stakeholder management and communication skills in the overall cabinet submission process
  • Further information

For more information about this forum and the Policy Capability Framework visit our website or contact Alison Pederick, Centre for Public Sector Excellence on 6552 8679 or email at TheCentre@psc.wa.gov.au.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

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