PSC - ANZSOG Breakfast Seminar with Dr Zina O’Leary

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It doesn't matter how well researched or compelling our ideas might be on paper. If we want to make things happen we need to be persuasive. In fact, being persuasive is integral to everyone's work.

Please join the dynamic Dr Zina O’Leary as she explains the finer points of the art of persuasion.

Whether we are attempting to sway colleagues to support and then implement a proposal; convince decision makers to adopt our recommendation; or communicate authentically and effectively with stakeholders, ultimately, persuasion plays a key role in our ability to influence others and achieve results.

Dr Zina O’Leary is an academic with The University of Sydney’s Graduate School of Government. Prior to this, she was a Senior Lecturer at the School of Natural Sciences, College of Health and Science at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr O'Leary is an internationally recognised leader in research methodologies and has a keen interest in the application of research to evidence based decision making in the public sector. She has worked as a Research Coordinator and Consultant for the Centre for Environmental Health Development at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre, where she has consulted with a number of health agencies across the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr O'Leary has a BA in Sociology and Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy from Rutgers University, and a Masters of Social Psychology and Methodology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She holds a PhD with reference to methodology, social psychology and religion.

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