PSC-ANZSOG Leadership Seminar with Dr Michael Macaulay

Public Sector Commission

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Transparency, trust and public value

It is commonly assumed that increasing transparency will generate greater trust in government but is this always the case? Sunlight may be the best disinfectant but it can also create more shadows in which to hide. This session will look at the difficulty in building public trust and will outline some of the hard choices that openness can bring, not least of which is that it can unveil problems that some people may prefer to keep private. It will draw on experiences from agencies in New Zealand and the UK to look at the positive benefits of transparency but also how it can sometimes clash with areas of accountability and integrity. It will suggest that a balanced, rounded approach is needed to develop trust and increase public value.

Dr Michael Macaulay, Director Institute of Governance and Policy Studies and Associate Professor in Public Management at the School of Government.

Dr Macaulay has worked extensively on applied research projects and with organisations such as Transparency International, numerous local authorities, and more recently with the Council of Europe creating integrity audit tools for the Turkish public sector.

Since arriving in New Zealand, Michael has contributed to the Transparency International NZ National Integrity System report as a member of the Independent Review Group.

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