PSC-ANZSOG Leadership seminar series - SES workshop with Dr Michael Macaulay

Public Sector Commission

Event outline

Beyond compliance: developing a balanced approach to integrity systems

As we all know, developing good governance requires far more than simple compliance. A high performing integrity management system promotes a balance of leadership, monitoring and rewards/sanctions that allows organisations to be both proactive and to react accordingly. But many things can go wrong along the way.

This session will look at a number of very practical issues, using examples from all over the world, to investigate:

  • the language of integrity – how can we promote positive messages?
  • succession planning – how do we ensure that our systems and processes will last?
  • filtering out the noise – how do we deal with vexatious complaints?
  • developing practical wisdom – how do we inculcate good judgement in our team?

These issues will be discussed in reference to the skills knowledge and attributes that are required to lead the good governance of an organisation.

Michael has worked extensively on applied research projects and has worked with organisations such as Transparency International, numerous local authorities, and recently with the Council of Europe creating integrity audit tools for the Turkish public sector.

Since arriving in New Zealand Michael has contributed to the Transparency International NZ National Integrity System report as a member of the Independent Review Group. (Click here to read more)

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