PSC/ANZSOG Leadership Seminar

Public Sector Commission

Event outline

The more complex and ‘wicked’ the problems we have to deal with in the public sector, the greater the need for high quality policy advice to decision makers.

How do we get ahead of the game, with the right people across government with the right skills and tools and the right mind set about future thinking, collaboration, consistency and creativity? How can today’s public servants build individual and collective capability to support government decision makers make good decisions?

The New Zealand Prime Minister has just launched three policy improvement frameworks to great acclaim. The three interlinked frameworks – for policy quality, policy skills and policy capability – provide an infrastructure for supporting better decision making.

Please come along and engage with Sally Washington who leads the Policy Project in DPMC in Wellington and WA’s own policy luminaries on how to get better at supporting good decision making, and why it matters.

This event is free for WA state public sector employees.

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The Public Sector Commission brings leadership and expertise to the public sector to enhance integrity, effectiveness and efficiency. Many of the Commission’s courses and events are free for Western Australian public sector employees.