PSC/ANZSOG Leadership Seminar Series with Dr George Argyrous

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The Leadership Seminar Series provide a structured program of timely, relevant and influential events for public sector employees aspiring to leadership positions. Join us for the next general seminar, ‘Picking the Melbourne cup – Uses and abuses of statistical modelling’ with Dr George Argyrous.

Registration | networking | light breakfast 7:45am to 8:15am - Session commencing 8:15am to 9:30am.

If applying what we know about past events could accurately predict future ones, then we’d all be rich! But unfortunately, even the best data cannot always tell us exactly what’s already happened, let alone what will happen tomorrow or beyond.

Our increasing interest in research and evidence means public managers without a background in statistics may struggle to accurately interpret the meaning of the data before us, let alone explain its essential meaning and its limitations to those up the line.

ANZSOG’s statistical expert, Dr George Argyrous, is here to help. George will take us on an interactive and highly engaging learning journey about this key skill for public managers.

Dr George Argyrous is a Senior Lecturer at ANZSOG on secondment from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is the subject leader for ‘Decision Making Under Uncertainty’, the statistical subject in ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration. At UNSW George has taught political economy, research methods and statistics since 1992. He is the author of the popular international text, Statistics for Research and the Editor of Evidence for Policy and Decision-making: A Practical Guide. George is the Managing Editor of ANZSOG’s research journal, Evidence Base. George has acted as a consultant to many private and public sector organisations. He was recently the Expert Advisor for the development of the NSW Whole of Government Evaluation Framework.

What previous participants have said about George:

“Presented complex information in an easy to understand way with great examples to illustrate more complex issues.”

“Excellent, clear presentation and great knowledge”

“Personable, engaging, valuable”

“Highly valuable as could immediately apply what was learnt back in the office”

This is a FREE event open to all WA public sector employees.

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