PSC/ANZSOG SES Leadership Seminar

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So, what does it take for the public sector to be capable of delivering great policy advice?

Driven by an eye to the future rather than a crisis or a change of government, the New Zealand Public Service has been on a journey to build the personnel, skills and infrastructure for delivering high quality policy advice to government. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) recently had their Policy Project frameworks launched by the PM to great acclaim. The Policy Project has delivered, despite needing to work across boundaries with limited resources and an ambiguous mandate.

How did they do it and what can we learn in WA from the experience?

Please join Sally Washington, Program Manager for the Policy Project, in an interactive and inspiring workshop on lifting our policy game for the public good.

For information about the Policy Project see:

This event is free for SES members of the WA public sector.

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The Public Sector Commission brings leadership and expertise to the public sector to enhance integrity, effectiveness and efficiency. Many of the Commission’s courses and events are free for Western Australian public sector employees.