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Registration 8.45am | Session commences 9.00am | Concludes with morning tea and networking until 11.00am

One of the four directions for reform detailed in the Service Priority Review centers on building a public sector focused on community needs. This requires a stronger focus on issues that matter to the community, and smarter service design that incorporates ideas and perspectives from outside and recognises the needs of different regions.

Co-design and similar approaches are often seen as a path towards citizen participation, fresh insight and novel ideas and solutions. What’s the reality and what does this mean for policy development and implementation?

The Auckland Co-design Lab was set up to explore the value of co-design approaches to complex social issues, foster collaboration and grow co-design capability.  The lab is a unique collaboration between eight central government agencies and Auckland Council. The Lab has over three years’ experience leading and developing cross agency co-design projects. Focus areas include skills and employment, housing, early years and growing co-design capability and the conditions for transformational change in the public sector. The Lab’s relationship with The Southern Initiative (a place based team) has created rich learning about the importance of creating a platform between two essential elements of transformation – innovation and implementation.

This session will share key learning and insights from the Co-design Lab and what this can offer policy development and implementation.

Alastair Child is a social intrapreneur at the Auckland Co-design Lab. With 15 years’ experience in the UK and New Zealand public sectors spanning education, early years, child poverty, youth employment and developing innovation capability Alastair has first-hand insight into the importance of working with the people closest to the action and adopting a system focus with a human lens.

Alistair will be joined for a panel discussion and Q&A by Professor Paul Flatau, Director, Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia and Mr David Ansell, Co-Director Policy, from the Telethon Kids Institute initiative, CoLab - Collaborate for Kids.

This Thought Leadership event is brought to you through the Commission’s partnership with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

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