How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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How to overcome your fear of public speaking and begin speaking confidently; Simple steps to Public Speaking Confidence.

Public speaking is often regarded as the No 1 fear of people around the world. People avoid public speaking, they get nervous, they panic and they break out into a cold sweat. Yet public speaking is such an important part of our jobs, our careers and everyday life. This workshop is designed to help people who don’t normally undertake public speaking or who have a fear of public speaking or who wish to become more confident in their public speaking. The skills learned in this workshop will assist you in many speaking situations including but not limited to anyone who:

  • has recently taken on increased speaking responsibility at work
  • needs to prepare a speech for a wedding or other special occasion
  • needs to present a tutorial or seminar for work or university
  • wants to learn to speak more confidently at job interviews
  • wants to control the nerves and reduce the fear
  • wants to learn to be a better speaker
  • has something to say, but holds back

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • control nerves and reduce anxiety
  • prepare effectively
  • use a simple fail safe structure
  • what to do if your mind goes blank
  • connect with the audience even with your nervous
  • be authentic and genuine
  • understand what the audience expects from you

You will come out of this workshop understanding the basics of public speaking and how to leave a clear and powerful message.  You will be equipped with the tools, strategies and confidence to get started with your public speaking and ways to control any fear you experience when public speaking.

The presenter is Peter Dhu, an experienced and acclaimed speaking trainer and coach who over 20 years has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of speaking.

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Professional training and coaching in the area of Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills For Leaders. Enables leaders and emerging leaders to communicate and present with confidence and effectiveness to maximise their impact.