Improving Communication and Collaboration

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Event outline

Overview: This is a unique workshop for anyone seeking to learn tools and approaches to improve team and stakeholder communication, as well as improve understanding of service delivery and complex problem solving. Paul Culmsee has performed facilitation services in many large organisations ranging from government agencies to multinational corporations.

Drawing on inspiration from many diverse sources, disciplines and case studies, this workshop pinpoints common blind spots and critical success factors for improving outcomes. The calls peels back the rhetoric and looks at how delivery really works within organisaitons, while presenting models and tools to get it right.

Workshop Audience: Perfectly suited to staff and managers as well as those in roles that have to bridge the gap between organisational aspitations and the effective delivery of solutions. This workshop is also well suited to technical experts who wish to complement their technical expertise with strategically focused skills.

Workshop Aims: Draw attention to common "blind spots" that make it hard to foster collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

  • Recognise the characteristics of complex (wicked) problems and the tools and approaches required to enable collaborative approaches to solving them
  • Learn practical tools and methods that focus on meaningful collaboration
  • Gain insight on how to apply this method in various scenarios based on significant real-world case studies
  • Provide quality information that is rigorous, yet accessible, entertaining and interesting
  • Learn how to align projects to broad organisaitonal goals, avoid chasing platitudes and ensure focus is on the right areas

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There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Renown for our strategic work through use of Dialogue Mapping which is highly effective in strategic planning, envisioning, knowledge capture, stakeholder engagement and develop shared understanding in complex/wicked projects.