Selection Panel Training

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Event outline

To give participants a sound pragmatic understanding of the responsibilities of a panel member to
enable  them  to  conduct  effective  and  compliant  selection  processes  which  result  in  the
appointment of suitably skilled applicants. In thiscourse participants will gain a full understanding
of  the  selection  process  as  mandated  by  the  Public  Sector  Commission  and  their  roles  and
responsibilities as recruitment panel members.
Course objectives and learning outcomes:
•  A  well-rounded  knowledge  of  all  the  facets  and  obligations  which  recruitment  panels       need  in
line with the PSC standards and guidelines
Content modules:
•  Understanding  the  panel’s  obligations  and  requirements  under  the  PSC  standard  and    related
departmental policies and procedures
•  Panel member roles and responsibilities
•  Process confidentiality – what it is and what you can say
•  Understanding  of  the  whole  recruitment  process  from JDF,  advertising,  shortlisting,
interviewing,  referee  reports,  documentation/selection  report,  notification  through  to  the
provision of feedback
•  Understanding  the  different  types  of  merit  selection  processes  (pool  recruitment,  EOI  and
•  Practical review of written applications
•  Interview set up, considerations and rescheduling
•  Scoring systems – how they are applied and how to gain consensus
•  Assessment methods including- developing questions,probe questions, practical assessments,
scenarios, presentation, work tasks and other tools
•  Assessment tools – shortlisting and interview matrices
•  Assessing against criteria vs. assessing against questions vs. assessing for “cultural fit”
•  Understanding the breach process
Learning styles:
•  Seminar/workshop
•  Group participation
•  Small group practical exercises
Tools and handouts:
•  Facilitator handbook
•  Participant handbook
•  Relevant readings and worksheets

Dates & registration

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