Introduction to Critical Thinking & Decision Making Breakfast

Smart Brain Thinking

Event outline

Come along to this entertaining and informational breakfast event and find out:

  • What Critical Thinking is (and isn’t).
  • The origins of critical thinking from ancient Greece to current times.
  • How and why society today is suffering from the lack of critical thinking.
  • The benefits of using critical thinking principles and processes in your business, workplace and home life.
  • The basics of the critical thinking process and common models.

Witch's Cauldron provides a selection of breakfast options.  If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know in advance.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Smart Brain Thinking specialises in teaching people how to think smarter. Our workshops focus on critical thinking, personal development and facilitation skills; and we also run no-fee Lunch’n’Learn presentations on these topics.