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How to Build Trust in a Team - information session

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Event outline

Please join us for a free Information Session around Building Trust in a Team which improves employee engagement and productivity. The session is about making sure you're doing work you love which ends up reducing absenteeism and procrastination.

This is a unique perspective around team development.

'PowerHouse' is all about working together collaboratively.

I will speak about the one-day workshop at the end of the Information Session. There’s hard ROI on the one-day workshop which is unusual for a soft-skills program, i.e. companies typically see a return on investment of around $100k+ within 6-12 months, sometimes within a month! A lot of team based programs don’t have a hard ROI, that I know of.

More information: http://tinyurl.com/BuildTeamsTrust-Article

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There are no dates listed for this event.

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We enjoy doing business with other businesses who are open to unique team building experiences, who aim to have a productive, empowered team who support each other in a harmonious and productive work environment so everyone loves their work.